Loopback plugs are used for network diagnostics, system configuration testing, and device burn-in. Looping back the signal allows for testing of the optical network.

MPO loopbacks are offered with 8, 12, and 24 fiber options in a compact footprint. Straight, crossed, or QSFP pin-outs are available in multiple fiber types.

Singlemode loopbacks are available with or without added attenuation.
Amphenol offers a selection of snap-in hangers for site installations of hybrid, fiber or power outdoor cables.
Amphenol's grommets/barrel cushions fit all available snap-in hangers and are made with high quality EPDM.
Feeder Clamps
Amphenol offers reliable feeder clamps for wireless and telecom cable installations.
Pulling Grips
Amphenol offers a wide variety of grips for low-tension pulling of outside plant cable.
Connector Cleaning
Amphenol offers a wide variety of cleaning tools for all types of optical connectors.
Cable Clamp for FMS
Amphenol’s Cable Clamp provides a unique method for securing fiber optic cables on its FMS product line.
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