Plug Attenuators
Amphenol's plug-style attenuator is compact in size, offers attenuation values from 0-20dB, and is available in LC, SC, and FC industry standard connector styles, either flat or angle polish.

This eliminates the scattering of light into the fiber cladding that could be reflected back from the connector interface.

With the short distance between connector end faces, the reflected light creates interference that in turn create the desired insertion loss variation as the wavelength changes.
Mode Conditioning Plug
Amphenol's MC plug is designed for use in Gigabit Ethernet applications and is compliant with the IEEE 802.3Z standards.

The use of mode conditioning plugs significantly increases the performance and applicable distances of laser diodes over multimode fiber networks.

The MC pluggable module eliminates the need for placing a mode conditioner into a cable assembly. The MC plug can be used with any standard multimode cable assembly greater than 3 meters.
An optical coupler is a passive device that precisely distributes light signals between two fibers over a broadband operating window.

Each device offers a bi-directional performance allowing for either power splitting or signal combining.

Amphenol's couplers are made using a precision manufacturing process capable of producing large volumes and tight unit to unit uniformity.
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