Amphenol’s node Cable Assemblies link optical transport cable to optical processing equipment. This connection is critical and requires an environmental seal between the cable and the node feed-thru. Amphenol’s node cables utilize a unique IP68 rated stainless steel feed-thru adapter, featuring an anti-twist coupling body and an optional anti-rotating nut. Our standard node assemblies use either a dielectric outside plant (OSP) cable or an armored OSP cable. Their multiple O-rings ensure a fully sealed cable and node.


  • Available with SC, LC, ST, or FC connectors

  • Feed-thru body features an anti-twist design, allowing tightening of the node without twisting the cable

  • Available with 900um or 2mm fan-out

  • Submersible up to 10ft of water head

  • Potted furcation for secure environmental protection

  • Stainless steel fitting for added strength and environmental durability


  • IP68 water and dust protection (10ft waterhead)

  • Factory terminated for high performance

  • Cable retention: 445 N (100 lbs)

  • Cable diameter range:  4.8mm to 7.0mm

  • No installation tools required

  • Strain relief: 100lbs/ft

  • Fiber count: 2-20

  • Standard SCTE 5/8”-24 UNEF thread


Outdoor Areas

Harsh Env.

Small Cells



962-11220-01030            PIG, 4F SC/UPC OSP OFNR, 1M, BO 30M
962-11320-01031            PIG, 6F SC/UPC OSP OFNR, 1M BO, 31M
962-12120-63030            PIG, 2F SC/APC OSP OFNR, 63CM BO, 30M

Ordering Information

*Specs based on the use of Amphenol SC


Insertion Loss:

≤ 0.15dB Typical Singlemode UPC

≤ 0.23dB Typical Singlemode APC

≤ 0.35dB Typical Multimode

Return Loss:

Ultra (UPC) ≤ -55dB*

Angle (APC) ≤ -65dB*


< 0.2dB change, 100 mating cycles


<0.3dB change, -40 to +75°C


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